Second Banana

Second Banana is an online boutique t-shirt company I started in late 2020. Specializing in humorous, sardonic graphic tees, it focuses on bringing quality tees to those with a penchant for a particular type of wit.

Because this is a personal brand, I develop and design not only the t-shirts that are created, but also the branding and the ongoing digital and print marketing assets.

ServicesBranding, Design, Product

Social Media

Because Second Banana is an online store, utilizing social marketing is paramount in spreading the word. Below are examples of assets created to advertise the brand.

Provocative T-shirts

While most of Second Banana’s tees focus on intelligent humor, it also features tees that make powerful statements.

Sardonic T-shirts

While quality is paramount with the tees sold through Second Banana, smart and humorous statements are at the forefront of most of the collection.

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